How to play naga siren

how to play naga siren
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Naga Siren has always been a strong support hero. Easy to misuse Song of the Siren with poor communication. You can also cancel an opponent's channeled spell including Town Portal Scroll. Naga Siren is renown to be one of the most boring carries to play against or watch , and rightfully so. Then, invest in either Rip Tide for more damage and armor reduction or Ensnare for more root duration, whichever helps your team the most. Jump to: navigation , search. However, do not forget to buy enough cheap and cost-efficient items to fill your slots like Wraith Band or Infused Raindrops.

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how to play naga siren

Furthermore, Song of the Siren either allows her to run away or wait for her team to react if enemies have not bursted her down quickly enough.

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In a scenario where you have little to no coordination with your team, you best should use it to contest and possibly steal Roshan and the Aegis of the Immortal. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Also, you have a fearsome teamfight presence in Song of the Siren which puts enemies to sleep. Then, go for Boots of Travel , Manta Style , and Octarine Core to constantly produce illusions and Rip Tide, pushing out all the lanes and razing jungle camps. Consider Mirror Image for map vision and stacking multiple neutral camps at once. Naga Siren is a versatile hero who can appear to be a team's hard carry while actually being just a support. Easy to misuse Song of the Siren with poor communication.

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