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Server is the web-based component, which is responsible to initiate the image processing, and to render concurrently the Fractal image. Akka http is additional layer on top of akka which helps you communicate with actor system via Http requests. It's is based on new Akka reactive streams library. We assure that you will not find any problem in this Akka tutorial. Integration with spray-json Jackson is provided out of the box through the akka-http-spray-json akka-http-jackson module.

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Akka-streams Source: run it, publish it, then run it again.

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The documentation is okay for now, it really helps if you take the time to read some things about Akka Streams first. We will be proceeding on to look at how to use Akka. Unfortunately, I am not even getting close to advertised just normal marketing and hype load abilities against my application. Relevant Akka Tutorial Links. In the previous post I've shown you how to integrate front-end part of our application with Keycloak as a Single Sign-on server. The number of requests that can be made in parallel and how backpressure works is governed by the max-connections and max-open-requests settings, but these have some slightly surprising behaviour which isn't quite what the.

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