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Two page spread of the spiffy Super Saiyajins. The harder no sexual pun intended it is, the more exciting. Grammatical errors aside, this is, out of all my doujinshis, the most depressing and sad book that I own. This story was translated also by Monica, She says the story is where Trunks has Goku do a part of a romantic play, the part titled "On Top of the Sofa". In other words, I spent a crap load of time and engery on this and if I see any of these pics anywhere other than here Chibi Trunks calls Goku his "uncle", and Bulma starts cracking up. Short Stories from "Golden Lucky 5".

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Georgia. Age: 24.
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There are several pages consisting of only 1 or 2 panels, making this book highly artistic, and more abstract than humorous Trunks doujinshi.

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Kaydence. Age: 28.
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The Latest Doujinshi from Japan Focuses on the Underwear Line

Jammin' Trunks is featured on the cover. When Krillin asks Trunks "what he wants", well Trunks gets a nosebleed and then grabs on Goku's leg! However, Goku's body, still appearing to be fully alive, is still with Trunks. Trunks - DragonBall Book 6. Also, Trunks has some pretty funny mental images of Vegeta and Bulma doing the nasty. Goku helping up Trunks, aw

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