Siri pornstar interview

siri pornstar interview
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Sadly for Bang Bros, she also happens to be known for being very outspoken and incredibly social media saavy across multiple platforms. But if I were absolutely forced to choose, I would choose to keep doing porn, because porn is my source of income, while at this point cosplay is not an income generator for me so much as a hobby. Notice I said make a living, not get rich. The Unslut Project aims to put an end to slut-shaming. In no way would I choose the way things are now, over the way they were in the past. We could be here all day, so let's get to that interview

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Juliana. Age: 20.
siri pornstar interview

As a performer, less than a third of my income is from companies hiring me for scenes.

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Lauryn. Age: 23.
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We could be here all day, so let's get to that interview If you had to choose between never doing cosplay or never doing porn again, which would you choose and why? Where can people find you all over the interwebs? How on Earth did that happen and any chance of the Diary coming back on another platform like Vimeo? I love what I do, and I love my fans. Her story starkly highlights both the discrimination faced by people who have sex for a living, and how the age of pirated adult content has drastically affected those people's living standards.

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