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You covered your mouth, keeping the urge to vomit. He patted his body, realized that his uniform already changed into his kimono. You continue braiding and feeding in sections until you reach the ends, then tie them off with blue elastic. He licked his lips before hungrily biting your neck. He held your hand once again, saying the most precious words for most couples. He usually ran and jumped into your body. He rushed inside and told everything about your condition to anyone who in charge.

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Sabito has a really minimum screen time, he barely shows up both on manga and anime, yet there are so many people who had crush on him.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

No one sells porridge at this hour. Well, although his tone was more like ordering than asking, but I know his intent is good. He sat up, felt dizzy a little bit, and rubbed his forehead with his palm, only remembered one or two things when he got drunk. He sat down on the floor, while you still sitting on the sofa. No, not gonna happen to you. But still, you really had no clue what he really want for Christmas in physic form, of course So here you are, walking down on the busy street, still wondering what kind of gift that Muichirou will love. If he wants, he wanted to hold your hands and encouraging you, telling that everything will be fine.

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