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I want to be the one who makes Naruto feel good. The last part is the most interesting, however I will keep it a secret. After all every girl wants to be embraced, however with her ability so sense chakra it was a given that she would find out at some point. She likes Naruto the likely winner. Sakura asks Tsunade for advice and she can only think about one way to fix things. No, he give me happiness every single day. Naruto lost control over himself again and now the nine tails fox is trying to take control over him.

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The last part is the most interesting, however I will keep it a secret.

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Apparently Fakku took down all the Naruto hentai and is now charging...

Naruto, Sakura and Tsunade are still on that island. Tsunade informs Shikamaru about the current state of their allied friend village and tells him to take care of Temari. To make things even worse captain Yamato the only person who can restrain the nine tails chakra with his wood element is not around. He hates Sasuke and Sai they hinder him a lot but the are important too. Obviously their boobs jiggle like crazy and their sexy swimsuits made our main protagonist a huge boner. In her head now all kind of imaginations are going on. Unexpectedly Naruto kisses her and she tries to shake him off, but we all know how persistent Naruto can be.

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