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That evening, Josh tried, as he had tried every night for the past month, to get his dick hard. Slowly, she moved towards the pool of light, before accelerating into a jog. He laid his clothes down on the ground again. Hayley and Maya were standing in the doorway, doubled over with hilarity. Each of your testicles is smaller than the other. Hayley had never uploaded their final ballbusting video — she had given him to understand, in so many words, that so long as he kept his mouth shut, the only people who need know about his castration were herself, their mother, and Dr. Your sister and I both agree that calling an ambulance at this stage would be pointless.

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Catherine. Age: 27.
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When had it become so normal for his sister to order him around and humiliate him like this?

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Carter. Age: 30.
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Miller prodded his testicles and penis still utterly lifeless Josh considered how little embarrassed he was at having his privates examined by a woman. Even so, Josh was scanning the layout nervously. Just something to think about. While Kelsey had of course been distraught, there was one memory that was as clear as anything: his sister Hayley winking at him while Dr. As Hayley aimed her knee towards his groin, he skipped backwards, evading the strike. The world seemed to have frozen — there was nothing except the all-consuming pain radiating from his testicles.

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