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Press down toward your rectum and slide your thumbs across the bottom and sides of your perineum, pulling gently outward and forward on the lower part of the vagina with your thumbs hooked inside. Perineal massage Anxiously waiting for the big day to arrive? Setting Up a Mom-Friendly Nursery. Dilation and effacement It's anyone's guess when your baby will decide to make his appearance — will he be sociably early, fashionably late or right on time? Next he or she will check for effacement, or how thin your cervix is; it'll be percent effaced before you push your baby out. If the veins in your legs are acting up now, try sleeping on your left side, which is the best position for optimum circulation. This educational content is not medical or diagnostic advice.

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These do-it-yourself plaster replicas are easy and fun to make with your mate, midwife or your baby-shower guests.

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Am I Fertile? Am I Ovulating? Am I Pregnant?

Although it all sounds very scientific, it's actually not. Thinx Hi-Waist Period Underwear. Right now, your tiny superstar is rehearsing for his big debut, simulating breathing by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, sucking his thumb, blinking and pivoting from side to side. Pregnant bellies have been admired in art since ancient times to commemorate the miracle of life. It may also help you avoid an episiotomy and tearing.

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