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girl shaving vagina
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Seriously, it can get to be a pain. It's as if the hugest, most painful pimple of your life has sprung up right by your swimsuit line, huh? Now of course, this treatment works on your groin or your pelvis area, but you don't want to apply it right up in your privates. Then, hop in the shower and clean the area with some mild soap and warm water. And to prevent to the tiny bumps and micro-nicks that cause aforementioned irritation, use a brand new razor and shave safe.

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girl shaving vagina

You're bombarded by what seems like a million messages about pube grooming — friends who talk about being totally bare, waxing ads at every salon — and you're all like: Is this the norm?

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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Shaving Your Vagina

As long as you wash it with a little bit of mild, non-scented soap in the shower, you'll keep the hair clean. If you're shaving with soap, try switching to shaving cream, since it'll moisturize your skin a little more. Don't freak out, though — it might be an ingrown hair, which happens when dead skin cells clog up a hair follicle and force the hair that's inside to grow sideways under the skin rather than up and out. So only go that route if you're down to withstand about an 8 on a point pain scale. That's likely folliculitis, aka razor burn, and it happens when bacteria get inside those little hair follicles and inflame them, causing those prickly pink-and-white bumps you're seeing. Razor bumps and irritation and painful vaginal nicks from a dull razor. Here's How to Shrink Your Pores.

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