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If you have large breasts that are disproportionate to your body and you hope for physical relief from the symptoms caused by the excessive weight of your breasts, then you should set up a free consultation with Dr. John Kim to discuss breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty. This procedure involves surgical removal of the excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue for the purpose of easing both the physical and emotional stress associated with overly large breasts.

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Do your breasts give you back and neck pain? Do you get those unsightly grooves on your shoulders from your bra strap? Or perhaps you feel like your breasts get in the way of doing the activities you want to do?

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Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and figure, and alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large, heavy breasts. Overly large breasts are extremely uncomfortable, heavy, and often result in physical and emotional problems. The heavy weight of an excess of breast tissue can bring about the following problems:.

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Breast Reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that can create a more feminine profile and more naturally balanced proportions by reducing and reshaping overly large female breasts. Few may remove excess breast tissue, fat and skin — and reposition the placement of the nipple and areola. If your areolas have been stretched and enlarged, they can be reduced in size during this procedure.

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A breast lift is usually performed in conjunction with breast reduction in order to give the breasts a more youthful appearance. Excessively large, heavy breasts can cause significant health and psychological problems in women. These issues can include:.

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A Breast Reduction Reduction Mammoplasty removes excess breast tissue and reshapes large, sagging breasts. Excessively large and drooping breasts can sometimes cause back, neck, shoulder, and breast pain. They can also cause grooving from bra straps, rashes, and problems with posture.

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Excessively large breasts can be uncomfortable, restrict certain activities and cause back pain. A breast reduction reduces overdeveloped breasts by removing fat, glandular tissue and excess skin from each breast, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer, while allowing them to be in proportion with the rest of your body. Epstein and Dr.

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Oversized, heavy breasts can have uncomfortable physical and psychological side effects; the weight of the breasts can cause chronic neck and back pain, and the appearance of large breasts can cause feelings of shame and embarrassment. Breast reduction is a procedure in which excess breast tissue, fat and skin is removed to bring the breasts into better proportion with the rest of the body. You may be an appropriate breast reduction candidate if you are in good physical health, do not smoke and feel that your oversized breasts interfere with your physical activity and level of personal comfort.

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Women often seek breast reduction for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Breasts that are disproportionately large can cause women to feel self-conscious about their bodies. They can also make it difficult to find clothes that fit properly hinder exercise and physical activity, or cause chronic neck, back and shoulder pain.

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If you have oversized breasts, you have probably already thought about breast reduction surgery. This is very effective procedure that alters the size of your breasts to give you a more proportionate bustline. It also alleviates discomfort associated with enlarged breasts, including back pain. She has performed many breast reduction surgeries for both men and women, restoring their confidence and self-esteem.


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