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All rights reserved. Induck penises took the Internet by storm. Thanks to a newly published study and an eye-opening videopeople learned that while most birds lack penises at all, male ducks have huge, corkscrew-shaped ones.

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Patricia Brennan from Yale University is trying to encourage male Muscovy ducks to launch their ballistic penises into test tubes. Normally, the duck keeps its penis inside-out within a sac in its body. The whole process takes just a third of a second and Brennan captures it all on high-speed camera.

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By Olivia Goldhill. You may remember GCSE biology as a haphazard collection of amoebas and nuclei, but the world of animal sex includes prostitution, mind-control drugs and labyrinth vaginas. Male mallard ducks are some of the least courteous animals - they force copulation on their unsuspecting partners, and so female ducks have developed a complicated method for keeping them at bay.

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Does its sex organ elongate and stick out sometimes? A male, in most cases. Is it more concave than it is convex? Probably a female.

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Females with penislike genitals and males with vaginalike organs are cases of a new extreme reversal of sex roles researchers have discovered in little-known cave insects. These are the first examples of animals with genitalia that reverse the traditional sex roles, and the discovery could shed light on the conflict between the sexes in the animal kingdom, investigators said. Scientists analyzed four species of insects from extremely dry caves in Brazil.

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You heard me correctly. Dolphin vaginas. Brennan is well-known among biologists for her work on sexual conflict in ducksand on the internet for her high-speed videos of duck erection.

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If not, here's the gist: Male ducks, each of whom has a spiny, counterclockwise coil for a penisare rapists. Over time, female ducks developed a clockwise-coiled vagina that makes it difficult for males to penetrate them fully. This is a prime example of sexually antagonistic coevolution.

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Right now, penises get far more attention than vaginas in the science world. As science journalist Ed Yong recently notedthis is a troublesome trend. First, a gender bias in research subjects skews our basic understanding of sexual selection and evolution; as a result of a preference for sperm and penis studies over female genital investigations, we have underestimated the role of female choice and selection in influencing the course of evolution.

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At some point in the species' history, female ruddy ducks decided blue bills were sexy, and evolution favored the flamboyant feature. But evolution just as carefully selected another extravagant male trait, which, at the time, was hidden: a long, corkscrew-shaped penis. In his new book, "Nature's Nether Regions" Viking,Schilthuizen takes a sweeping look across the animal kingdom — from ducks to hermaphroditic snails that have sex all day to sharks that use one of their penises, or "claspers," they have two to flush rival sperm out of the female's vagina — to illustrate an amazing diversity of genitalia that has been largely unappreciated, even among scientists.

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Some female ducks and geese have evolved complex genitalia to thwart unwelcome mating attempts, according to a new study. Now, in the most detailed analysis yet of duck and goose vaginas, researchers have established that females of these species have evolved vaginal features to thwart unwelcome males. Tim Birkhead at the University of Sheffield in the UK and colleagues examined vaginas and the corresponding phalluses from 16 wildfowl species. They discovered that the longer and more elaborate the male member, the longer and more elaborate its female recipient was.


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