Something is wrong with my vagina

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I have friends who have no issue revealing intimate details about their partner's penis to their friends. In fact, I know which of my friends have regular access to bent, crooked, or soft ones, which ones smell weird and which ones only perk up with porn on in the background. And despite the fact they can and will!

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Your vagina can't tell you the future, but it CAN tell you what's wrong with your body. Instead of complaining about having periods and suffering through childbirth, we ladies should be thanking the heavens that we came equipped with vaginas. Actually, if you would just take the time to listen to it, you would know that she has your best interest in mind and is more clever than you think.

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Performing a vaginal self-exam at home can help you familiarize yourself with your own body, as all vaginas are different. It can also help you identify changes and abnormalities. A gynecologist can check you for symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases STDs and perform a Pap smear test to screen for cervical cancer.

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Should I be worried right now?? Our vaginas are awfully clever things. So if your vagina is regularly dry, particularly during intercourse, resulting in burning, stinging and general discomfort during penetration, or even tampon insertion, you should book in to see your gyno. Your gyno can also recommend a vaginal gel or lubricant to ease discomfort in the meantime.

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Accidents happen. The dead giveaway is usually a VERY foul smell. But she's also fished out a birth control diaphragm and stray sex toys.

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Vaginal health affects more than just your sex life. Find out about common vaginal problems and ways to promote a healthy vagina. Vaginal health is an important part of a woman's overall health.

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Am I right? But seriously, if you are in possession of a vagina or if you someday hope to possess a vagina, then you should be well aware by now that pretty much one thousand million things can go wrong with vaginas and their surrounding bits and bobbles at any given moment. It's how.

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Your vagina has an ability to clean or heal itself, but when the bacteria is too much, your lady flower can tell you that there is something wrong down there. Your vagina can also tell you that it can no longer defend itself from harmful bacteria by giving you signs like itch, bad smell, and other unusual discharges. It might sound scary, but there are remedies to treat the problem by knowing the signs and symptoms and by consulting your doctor. An unhealthy vagina can also affect your sexual relationship with your partner or your self-esteem in bed.

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An unhealthy vagina is a vagina that isn't given the attention it deserves. The vagina needs to be given the same hygienic attention as any other part of your body. Debris build-up in the labia grooves from not washing the vagina well can be called 'smegma.

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Back to Sexual health. Vaginas are designed to help us have and enjoy sex, have periods and have babies. But what's normal and what's not? Find out how vaginas can be different.


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